Lately La La is the musical vision and creation of me, Sara!

Lo-Fi Healing Music is the name of a collection of songs that I am releasing during 2016. It might also be a genre of music. The music wants to give warmth and comfort to you and a bit of humour. Just a bit!

I am currently playing with Daniel Sanne and Oscar Berg. We are rehearsing for a gig in London on the 29th of october. You could say it is some sort of comeback. A comeback to music and to England, where I lived for some formative years. More on that Brewery gig here.

BELOW is an artfilm that I am calling ”Life is photos”. The music comes from our last rehearsal. I am interested in how the brain works connecting memory to pictures and rhythm and patterns.

I also play for babies and old people! And make drawings and cartoons under the name SAS. Silly and fun film projects under the name Inner Child Productions. ENOUGH NOW! I NEED to take a rest.

Take your time. And ENJOY venturing. Here and beyond…

Love // SARA

October 2016